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Mintel Market Sizes is your fast–track to global market data

Mintel Market Sizes is a trusted database containing market size, market share and forecast data for thousands of consumer goods categories worldwide.

Market size data underpinning your business decisions

Mintel understands the importance of market size data within your organisation. Whether you’re seeking expansion opportunities, diversifying to new markets or capturing new clients, understanding the characteristics of a market is critical to your decision making process.

Mintel Market Sizes provides fast, easy to compare, extractable market data. Records consist of market size, market share and segmentation data, along with supporting trend forecasts. Using a blend of primary and secondary research, enhanced by exclusive insights from Mintel, users of Mintel Market Sizes will be assured they are using the best-in-class transparent research data.


Latest on market sizes from our blog

Beer sales bubble in wine countries by Jonny Forsyth

Over the last 5 years countries known for wine have seen the most growth in the beer market. Chile, France, Italy and Spain have seen per capita off trade consumption of beer increase while off trade consumption of wine has decreased. Alongside Mintel’s Senior Research Analyst – Market Sizes, Samantha Kleine, Global Drinks Analyst, Jonny Forsyth, looks at […]

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Mintel's Market Information Blog [external link] examines trends and wider business issues from around the world, as well as bringing you some personal opinions from inside the Mintel and Mintel Market Sizes teams.

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