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A wealth of international sources feed directly into Mintel Market Sizes. Using a blend of primary and secondary research, enhanced by exclusive insights from Mintel, users of Mintel Market Sizes will be assured they are using the best-in-class transparent research data. What’s more, our team of international researchers are always on hand to provide further assistance where required.

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About our process

A report generated by Mintel Market Sizes is designed to provide instant preliminary market research. Each report provides an overview of the defined market, including market size, market forecast, segmentation and company market share along with top-line socio-economic data. The data is supplied in both graphical and tabular format for ease of interpretation and analysis.

A wealth of international sources feed into Mintel Market Sizes. This is a mix of primary and secondary data sources. In addition each market contains an exclusive 5 year market size forecast.

The team

Reports are produced by a team of in-house, multi-national researchers who have expertise in local markets and languages. They are specialists in data collection in over 30 locations across 6 industries, including niche industries and developing markets. All secondary data sets in both local and global languages are derived from a range of sources, from government statistics to trade magazines. In addition, Mintel has strong relationships with suppliers of primary data research, such as IRI (Information Resources, Inc.) in some locations in Europe and North America, who provide primary data which is used alongside other research to derive market sizes and shares.

Full transparency of source data is provided for all secondary sources. Furthermore, Mintel seeks permission from the original source which is quoted in every case on Mintel Market Sizes, reinforcing the integrity and robust nature of the data.


CPG industries

The 6 CPG industries are covered by 60 separate reports, which are produced for all the locations covered by Mintel Market Sizes.

Industries: Alcoholic Drinks; Beauty, Personal Goods & Toiletries; Food; Non alcoholic Drinks; Household/Home; and Pharmaceuticals

Locations: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea. Spain, Sweden, Thailand, UK, US, Vietnam

Retail figures and totals

There are two types of market size data available: retail; and total. The market and segment definitions indicate what data is included.

Retail market data (also known as off-trade sales) includes all sales through retail channels including standard CPG/FMCG channels such as hypermarkets, supermarkets, traditional grocery stores, self-service stores and discount stores and as well as direct to consumer where applicable. The retail market data typically includes sales of packaged goods. Where retail market data includes sales of unpackaged goods, this is indicated in the definitions.

Total market data includes all retail sales and non-retail sales totalled together. Non-retail sales are also referred to as on-trade and on-premise. This data includes HoReCa (out-of-home consumption and food service such as restaurants, bars, catering and hotels), unpackaged goods and sales for use in the industry or for manufacturing.


Mintel Market Sizes covers a broad range of industries and forecasts are adapted accordingly. The forecasts are produced using a model that links historical market trends to projections of macro-economic factors.

Each market is affected by different macro-economic factors. First, all the main parameters are identified that affect the market/industry which is being forecast. Based on their understanding of the sector in question, the researchers select the parameter regarded as the most relevant. The parameter chosen is guided by the correlation between the past market trends, information from primary and secondary research as well as what seems intuitively right.


Although Mintel Market Sizes is intended as a preliminary market research data tool, notes are provided which give more insight into the market such as: explaining any apparent anomalies; providing snippets of relevant consumer trends; or individual examples of products and brands or company activity which may have influenced market trends.

How we use our sources

Primary sources

Trade interviews

This primary research method is used to engage with the active players in a sector for the majority of reports where data from other sources is not complete. Interviews are undertaken primarily to: fill in missing years; assess the latest year’s trends and estimates; provide an assessment of any non-standard segmentation; verify competitors’ shares; and explain the latest initiatives and any anomalies or conflicts deriving from other sources. Most importantly interviewees are contacted to: verify any estimated or disputed data; provide insight into market dynamics; and explain any aberrations or unexpected results. When this method is utilized, Mintel conducts at least two trade interviews to get as unbiased a view as possible. All information is weighted according to the respondent’s field of expertise.

Store checks

Using the GNPD (Global New Product Database) network of over 13,000 trained associates, Mintel performs in-store audits when brand information is scarce. The auditors use local knowledge and market expertise to research and validate what products are available through retail channels. They check on-shelf product availability at key retailers, prices for individual brands and products and initial indication of brand and company market representation for further verification from other sources. These audits also provide a preliminary survey of what types of products are available for determining how the market is segmented, which is checked with other sources. Data collection is based on strict guidelines to avoid misinterpretation of the local market. After submission, the information collected is examined by Mintel Market Sizes researchers and processed into data point format, providing an overview of the market.


Data is not always available in a clear, cohesive and comparable form that can be used directly; it usually involves some manipulation and interpretation by the researchers. At times this involves reconciling varying sets of data from different sources. In these instances we will indicate this by sourcing Mintel.

The estimates are compiled by location and regional researchers based on their experience of similar markets or locations. Researchers have direct conversations with key contacts within the leading companies and data is also used from other Mintel product, including Mintel Report, GNPD and Trends.

Mintel is also a source for all forecasts because this is derived by Mintel’s own forecasting model.

Secondary sources

Government, trade association and other official sources

Information from associations varies considerably. Some data from these sources is the industry standard; other data is representative of members for part of the market; while some data outlines challenges the association’s members face. Official sources usually provide accurate and credible data. Mintel researchers update and interpret the data where needed.

Company information

Company websites, including investor relations (IR), press releases and articles are used to enhance market understanding. This can give insight into issues in the market and into company strategies. Players which are dominant in any sector can supply key findings for the whole segment. Company information can also provide data on product ranges and player direction.

Online store checks are also sourced as Company Information. These checks help establish what brands and products are available as well as provide an indication of pricing, which is adjusted to negate any bias towards the online target audience. They also give an indication of each major player’s activity, particularly at the premium end of the market.

Trade magazines

Trade Magazines provide valuable insight into the latest general market conditions and challenges. They are used to support segment and company data and the latest year trend information.


Economist Intelligence Unit

Mintel has forged a strong working relationship with the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). Both companies share a respected heritage in delivering market research, analysis and forecasts to business-leaders around the world.

The EIU is the source of all socio-economic data contained within Mintel Market Sizes. With specialist economic and political insight for over 200 locations EIU data perfectly complements Mintel Market Sizes.


IRi is a global provider of big data and predictive analytics for CPG/FMCG manufacturers and retailers. IRI is the source of some sales data for the US and UK contained within Mintel Market Sizes.

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